Nomadic Cell

The cell is freed from all its weight, from its oppression, and becomes a light memory, where the walls, the prison, and the whole city disappear... The cell travels with us, it will accompany forever. We don't feel it but the movements are conditioned by this framework to which we react. It give measure to our space, sets limits, gives us the scale of things and ends up becoming a mental framework. It is the formalization of this inheritance that accompanies us to all the descendants of this memory.

This installation presents a 1:1 scale reproduction of cell 398 in Gallery 4 of the Barcelona Model where Rafael Sardà i Llorenç (member of Poum and republican soldier) was locked up for three years for political reasons during the Franco dictatorship. In it, Nora Sitges Sardà together with a group of dancers performed a choreography accompanied by a "soundscape" by Roger Goula Sardà where the sounds recorded in the same cell gradually become decomposed by the analog destruction of the magnetic tapes themselves.

A project in collaboration with Nora Sitges Sardà and Roger Goula Sardà

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