The processes of construction and deconstruction, building and demolition generate two opposing dynamics with a meeting point: a moment, halfway between chaos and order in which the two processes mix up. In contrast to perfection and simplicity of the images of a finished architecture, this work shows the visual complexity of the intermediate processes.

The construction tends to form an ordered unity, while the ruin is the result of undoing this unit. In the process of doing-undoing the structural unit emerge intermediate and temporary situations of apparent chaos but with formal structures showing an underlying order that allow us to organize the composition of images. In the book horizontally contrast images of works in construction and deconstruction, grouped into chapters according to these underlying orders (surfaces, overlays, vertical, horizontal and matrix) generating sets visually similar. In the exhibition some pairs of images from the book were chosen but arranged one above the other, creating a new visual whole.

The idea of this series arises from the publication of a book by the Esteyco Foundation with pictures of different works that had made for same Esteyco over a few years. Some pictures of these combined with others of different personal searches finally generated the book and the exhibition De-Construction.

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