In photography, we are constantly shifting from tridimensional reality to two-dimensional shots without being aware of the geometric awareness this presupposes. We form part of a photographically overwhelmed society; we view the world directly through the “photographic window”, without the slightest awareness of the visual collage inherent in this two-dimensional frame. Ran over animals undergo a similar process, but here, contrary to the previous case, the signs of the violence inherent in this process are rendered visible.

Like in a Cubist photograph, the parts of the animal’s body are distributed within the frame in a novel way: Their spatial relation is redefined though a series of elements that allow us nevertheless to sense the original volumetric form. The result is a set of complex geometries and textures on a white background alluding to a not immediately definable structure. A striking vibration between the abstract and the figurative form of the image is produced.

Compressions / Canis latrans Compressus I    [ close text / view photos ]
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