This proposal aims to confront the viewer with an image that does not allow him to escape and proposes recreate the beauty of the real, the imperfect.

A series that began with the meeting in a journey across America, of these buildings with blind make up facades.The crisis isolates us, we shut ourselves, we hide in false appearances to not display the inner drama.

The Monocroms project is at the same time, image and metaphor. The buildings show traces of windows and doors impenetrable. The photographs suggest the way to a new reality behind the photo window, but we are stoped by the frontal and impermeability of the image itself. We get stuck in a narrow space between our world and another which becomes impenetrable. We need to look at the picture itself and its formal characteristics that causes this vibration between figurative and abstract.

Monochroms / BLACK P7C (finalista premis Aena 2012)    [ close text / view photos ]
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